WhatsApp Loses Millions of Users with New Contract

WhatsApp has also lost millions of users in Turkey due to its non-disclosure agreement, which has caused great controversy.WhatsApp, which…

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Apple Hits Record with $ 111 Billion in Revenue

Apple announced its first-quarter results in an official statement. The company had revenue of $ 111 billion. In recent weeks,…

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WhatsApp Messages could be Transferred to Telegram

It makes things easy for users who switch from WhatsApp to Telegram. iOS users will be able to transfer their…

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Innovation from iPhone for Mask Wearers

An increase in mask use along with the pandemic led to occasional problems with the Face ID feature. Now, Apple…

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Camera Experience could be much better on iPhone 13

While innovations are expected in the camera with the iPhone 13 model, the first information that comes shows that a…

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